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Rules - How to play Hexellation

Hexellation is a strategy board game designed by Néstor Romeral Andrés in 2009. If you like this game, you can give Néstor your support by purchasing an official physical Hexellation set at nestorgames. The official rules are also on the nestorgames website.

The goal of the players in Hexellation is to create a pattern called MODEL on the playing board without also creating a different pattern called AVOID. There are no ties in Hexellation.

At the start of the game, the order of play is randomly selected. The first player places four or five stars in any pattern on the blue hexagons. This becomes the MODEL pattern for the game. The second player does the same on the red hexagons to make the AVOID pattern for the game. The AVOID pattern must not be contained within the MODEL pattern.

Players then take turns putting down one star piece on an empty hexagon in the larger main play area. If a player creates the AVOID pattern or a rotated version of it, they immediately lose. If a player creates the MODEL pattern without also creating the AVOID pattern, they win.

There are two official board sizes on which Hexellation can be played. The basic game is played only using the smaller grey region of hexagons. The advanced version of the game is played the entire playing region of both grey and black hexagons.